Telehealth Services: New, Convenient Ways to Receive the Care You Need, When You Need It

Charles F. Barbera, MD, MBA, FACEP, VP, Pre-Hospital and Unscheduled Care, Tower Health

Suzanne Wenderoth, MD, FACP, SVP, Chief Clinical Officer, Tower Health Medical Group

As our region begins its journey to back to “normal” following the spread of COVID-19, Tower Health is working hard to continue providing care for our patients in the safest way possible. Over the past several weeks, we have made many changes to our operations, policies and procedures to follow the latest guidance from federal and state health authorities. One such change includes introducing virtual options for a variety of services including follow-up care, urgent care, and select new patient appointments.

For many patients, a phone or video “visit” may be the most appropriate – not to mention, convenient – way to see their healthcare provider as COVID-19 related restrictions are lifted. Tower Health is currently offering digital and telephone access to physicians and Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) from Tower Health Medical Group, Tower Health Urgent Care, and St. Christopher’s Pediatric Associates.

Learn more about how to take advantage of these virtual services below.

  • Tower Health Medical Group Virtual Visits
    THMG is offering virtual visits through MyTowerHealth, our electronic patient portal, which allows you to speak with your physician or APP by phone or video. These visits are ideal for non-life-threatening conditions which do not require in-person evaluations of your symptoms, including routine checkups, general wellness concerns, sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, seasonal allergies, and more. Your provider will work with you at the time your appointment is scheduled to determine if you are a good fit for a virtual visit. If you do not use MyTowerHealth yet, click here to learn more about registering for this online- and mobile-friendly patient portal.
  • Tower Health Urgent Care OnDemand Virtual Visits
    Tower Health Urgent Care is utilizing Virtual Care by TDH to provide on-demand healthcare, 24/7/365, from the convenience of your smartphone or computer. Through this service, licensed Tower Health Urgent Care physicians can answer questions, evaluate your risk and provide immediate care for non-emergent medical issues. Virtual Care by TDH provides general medical care for many non-emergency illnesses such as the flu, sore throat, sinus infection, and seasonal allergies. If medically necessary, a prescription will be sent to your pharmacy of choice. It is an affordable, convenient alternative to in-person Urgent Care and ER visits. Learn more here.
  • St. Christopher’s Pediatric Associates Virtual Visits
    Virtual visits with providers from St. Christopher’s Pediatric Associates are available through, a safe, secure platform for non-life threatening conditions and those that do not require in-person evaluations of your child’s symptoms. Your child’s pediatric specialist will work with you when you schedule an appointment to determine if a virtual visit is a good option.

Tower Health is committed to keeping our patients and community healthiest they can be. We will continue to explore new and innovative ways to provide care for you and your families as we work together to safely recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.