Published on February 25, 2019

Tower Health Supply Chain Management Recognized as Elite Supply Chain Operations Worth Watching

Healthcare Purchasing News, a national Supply Chain publication, recognized Tower Health Supply Chain Management as a "Supply Chain Operation Worth Watching."  This was the second consecutive year the team received this prestigious recognition.

Tower Health was identified as one of 11 Supply Chain Operations within healthcare across the United States who consistently combine innovative thinking to render efficient solutions. According to Healthcare Purchasing News editor Rick Dana Barlow, Tower Health's Supply Chain team has "developed a reputation for implementing best practices and using data analytics to improve financial and operational performance."

"The must-have skills for a successful Supply Chain have changed, particularly in light of the continuously evolving dynamics occurring within the healthcare industry," says Rita White, Vice President, Supply Chain Management. "We've strategically focused on acquiring a talented team with highly analytical and technical competencies, and encouraging out-of-the-box, innovative approaches to industry-wide challenges. By using data as well as engaging stakeholders across the organization, we have taken a deeper dive into our revenue processes and clinical evaluations to balance fiscal responsibility and clinical excellence. Our goal is to align our supply chain strategy directly to Tower Health's mission and the key objectives on which senior leaders are focused."