Published on March 13, 2019

Tower Health Partners® Clinically Integrated Network Adds The Physicians Integrated Network

Tower Health Partners® (THP) has added physicians from The Physicians Integrated Network (TPIN) to THP's rapidly growing clinically integrated network. The addition of TPIN to Tower Health Partners adds 666 physicians in 24 clinical specialties serving patients in the Delaware Valley.  TPIN also includes 30 ambulatory facilities and over 200 service locations. With TPIN, Tower Health Partners now includes 2,045 physicians in 52 specialties.

The addition of TPIN to Tower Health Partners expands geographic coverage and access to Tower Health Tier One specialty providers and facilities.

"We are pleased to have the physicians of TPIN joining Tower Health Partners," said George A. Jenckes, III, MD, MS, FACP, CEO of Tower Health Partners. "Their addition to the THP network means we can expand the impact of clinical integration, to the benefit of physicians and patients throughout the region."

TPIN was set up in 2016 to represent private practice physicians as medical care in the region transitions from fee for service to pay for value. According to Lynda Mischel, TPIN Executive Director, "The partnership between TPIN and THP will transform the patient experience and decrease costs by coordinating care, creation and adherence to evidence based clinical guidelines and offering patients alternate sites of service to receive their care." According to Stuart Brilliant, MD, vice chairman of TPIN. "Patient care can only get better with two strong physician-led organizations working in tandem."

Tower Health Partners and TPIN share a similar vision in bringing value-based care to the region.  For Tower Health Partners, access to high-quality specialists and complete coordination of care for patients is critical to serving patients and attracting payors to use THP's physician network.  TPIN strives to provide its independent specialists the infrastructure and programs to navigate the shift from the fee-for-service model to payment-for-value.

Since its founding in 2012, THP has grown to become one of the largest clinically integrated networks in Pennsylvania. THP supports physicians in implementing value-based care that increases collaboration, quality, and accountability.

About Tower Health Partners:

Incorporated in 2012, Tower Health Partners (THP) is one of the oldest and largest clinically integrated organizations in Pennsylvania. THP includes a broad, multi-specialty network uniquely positioned to support value-based and shared savings arrangements for providers, payors, employers, and patients. THP physician membership governs and leads the way in focusing on collaboration, quality, and accountability for network members.  THP's forward-thinking infrastructure allows physicians to be on the cutting edge of quality reporting, value-based care initiatives, and clinical innovations. In addition, THP focuses on the Quadruple Aim of Care by incorporating physician wellness and satisfaction.

About The Physicians Integrated Network:

Operating for more than 3 years, The Physicians Integrated Network (TPIN) is the largest independent physicians network of its kind in the region. TPIN represents 54 practices with 750 physicians across the Delaware Valley. The organization was formed to improve quality, outcomes and reduce cost of care for the over 1.5 million patients serviced by our physicians and providers.