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4.8 out of 5 (104 Ratings, 16 Comments)


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Patient Comment August 2020
Dr Berta is a very good we'll concerned Dr I always give him a shout out to my family and friends.
Patient Comment August 2020
Dr. Berta is easily the best primary care doctor I've ever had.
Patient Comment August 2020
I do share my experience/visit because it's always a good one
Patient Comment August 2020
I would recommend Dr Berta to anyone. Hei s the Best
Patient Comment August 2020
I had the same doctor for 30 years until his death this year. I never thought I'd find anyone as good***. I think I did with Dr. Berta.
Patient Comment July 2020
*Dr. Berta is superb. So much so, my daughter is now his patient too, on my recommendation. As soon as possible, my grandson will be too.
Patient Comment June 2020
Doctor Berta is superb. My daughter is now his patient at my recommendation.
Patient Comment June 2020
very descent Dr.
Patient Comment June 2020
*Dr. Berta is very thoughtful, a good listener and follow up quickly to an calls to him.
Patient Comment May 2020
*Dr. Berta is always a pleasure to meet with.
Patient Comment March 2020
Andrew Berta is the best doctor I have ever had.
Patient Comment February 2020
Patient Comment February 2020
*Dr. Berta was excellent. Listened to my concerns and asked pertinent questions. He went out of his way to include my ideas in a plan of car for my current and future health.
Patient Comment February 2020
At the time the explanation seemed OK but pain persisted I had to consult another doctor, he gave diagnosis and adequate appropriate treatment.
Patient Comment January 2020
Dr.Berta is always friendly and good at talking to me like my health is important to him.