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  • Cancer Medical Oncologist
  • Cancer Specialist
  • Hematology


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Hahnemann University


Hahnemann University School of Medicine


Hahnemann University


Hahnemann University

Board Certification

  • Am Bd Internal Medicine
  • Hemoatology
  • Oncology

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Patient Comment August 2020
Dr. Sescon has been monitoring my minor health issue for over two years, and he has ALWAYS shown the appropriate amount of respect and consideration for my concerns, never diminishing the importance of my care, in spite of the fact that we believe at this point that this health issue has turned out to be nothing. I appreciated his professional care and empathy very much.
Patient Comment August 2020
Excellent He a great deal of technical information related to my medical issues and possible treatments going forward, I was shown several studies relating to various treatments, He highlighted the statistics of each treatment that correlated desirable with undesirable out comes, He explained the motivation for the presciptions, ALso, he explained the various tests I need to undertake and what the outcomes would determine,
Patient Comment August 2020
Dr. Ceaspan was very pleasant he tried to get me to relax because I was so nervous because I didn't know what to expect. she made sure I understood exactly what was going on which I appreciated. He also had a dr who was learning oncology. He also made sure he understood as well. I definitely would recommend him to someone else
Patient Comment August 2020
Dr. Cescon is very reasurring but he gets things done. I don't know how he remembers everything about me and other patients, I'm sure. Goes out of his way to inform you of any changes in condition, including family.
Patient Comment August 2020
Dr Cescon is a great provider and very personable. He gives you the amount of time you need and doesn't rush you out.
Patient Comment July 2020
My treatment for Lymphoma by *Dr. Cescon and his clinical nurse was far above what I expected I would receive - and he lost no time in my treatment! I consider myself a very lucky person to be rewarded with my treatment from this hospital and all people there.***Dr. Terrence Cescon and his clinical nurse *Michelle Rhoads at this time I have no been introduced to my next 20 days of radiation - hopefully after this my life will continue as planned. Thank you all,
Patient Comment July 2020
Always Good
Patient Comment June 2020
very good provider
Patient Comment June 2020
very personable and knowledgeable
Patient Comment June 2020
Good doctor. Easy to communicate with.
Patient Comment June 2020
Great provider for over 20 years
Patient Comment June 2020
very good experience.
Patient Comment June 2020
Thanks for being there for me!
Patient Comment June 2020
(I love everybody.)
Patient Comment June 2020
I was impressed with Doctor Cescon.